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PeaceJam is an international educational program that unites the youth of the world with Nobel Peace Laureates.  At Ponderosa, PeaceJam is dedicated to making our school and community a better place.  Since our beginning in 2006, our projects have focused on recycling, energy management, alleviating poverty, and global cooperation.    

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Energy Management

Ponderosa PeaceJam’s environmental conservation work has not stopped at recycling.
  Last year, we helped launch a school wide energy conservation program, working to lower the amount of energy consumed by our 248,000 square foot building.  PeaceJam worked with students and faculty to turn off classroom lights, shut down computers, and unplug unnecessary appliances and electronics.  Additionally, the PeaceJammers conducted energy audits not only in our building, but other schools across Douglas County as well, to identify strategies to conserve energy.  At Ponderosa, all the lamps were replaced with energy efficient CFLs and many florescent overhead lights have been completely removed, utilizing natural skylights instead.  In 2008, our diligent work gained Ponderosa the number one spot in Douglas County for energy reduction, earning the school 10,000 dollars.  Overall, we decreased our energy use by an enormous 13.8%.  Ponderosa is now so dedicated to preserving energy that it’s not uncommon to find even our Principal working in the dark.

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